Thinking about events….

Every story is a circle, No?

Please note, I do NOT mean to draw any connections between any of the the players in this tale.

A million years ago, I was assigned to shoot a spot. I met a PSU footballer named Wisnewski (don’t quote me on the spelling). Bob Hope had recorded a track, where he spoke as God to Wisnewski as a golfer. I staged Wisnewski playing golf alone on the Toftrees course, and the story was God giving Wisnewski advice on golf and life, up to the end.

First scene, Wisnewski is teeing-up a shot, and he is interrupted by God before he swings. God gives advice, and they have a conversation about the charity that helps kids who have challenges. Wisnewski follows along until the predictable end, and Wisnewski disgustedly asks God if that is the key to golf: God says, no, That was a plug, here’s a tip: stick to football.

Closing shot is a man and a boy sitting on a bench with the logo over. I do not remember if Wisnewski was the man.

The rest of the story:

The spot was a PSA for “The Second Mile”, the Jerry Sandusky charity.

I guess sticking with football was a good tip.

What a twisted path through time we travel!

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