One week in May, 1974

My “archives” are nothing more than 1500 or so rolls of film, numbered from 1 (1969 or so) to 1254 when I went to teevee and quit maintaining it. The wedding and commercial jobs were a separate pile. That 1200 rolls is mostly b&w 35mm stored 36 frames to a “roll” These days, every time I go looking for something, I likely also find a nugget or two outside the bounds of my search. Thus I came across two rolls that follow a parade all the way through the publishing of the paper. I have no recollection whatever of why I shot it, and I do not believe most of the pics ever saw the light of day. I probably intended to do something with it, but never got the time. Nevertheless it stirred a lot of memories of the people in the shots, many of whom have since passed. If you would like to take a look back at a small town weekly paper in 1974, here it is:

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