White Trash in Manhattan…

Donald Trump is white trash.

No, he doesn’t live in a trailer, but he acts like it.

He was elevated to celebrity by media outlets that sought ratings in an increasingly fractured universe.

First the tabloids, then slick-paper magazines, and finally TeeVee were forced to market themselves to niche markets to make a buck.

The media sought advertising dollars by catering to the most vocal audiences, and the incredible explosion of cable teevee and social media and internet access made stars of people who 20 years before would have been laughed off the stage of a vaudeville theater.

A star is born: Donald Trump.

A failure at business; nonetheless able to sell his snake oil to the suckers, thanks to skillful editing and compliant executives. And greedy producers.

Parallel to this, the gun lobby buys legislators in fee simple. Today in the U. S. of A., there is no way to keep a whack-job with a hundred dollars from arming himself with the means to kill dozens of people in minutes.

And now, Donald Trump is president, and holds rallies stoking the crowd to visit their hate directly on their perceived enemies.

“There are good people on both sides.” BULLSHIT!

Trump is not the problem: he is a symptom of the problem.

But I am afraid the genie is truly out of the bottle, and Trump is no longer able or willing to control it.

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