Reflections on Johnstown

8 November 2017

On the way to a meeting, I stopped at The Press Bistro and soon I was enjoying a spectacular burger and unique fries at a table in what once was the primary display window of Glosser Bros department store, looking at a darkened Central Park. Jazzy easy listening on the Muzak.

Facebook asks “What’s on your mind, Bennett?”

What a vibrant place this was when I came to town in the last flicker of the ‘sixties.

Before I went over to the dark side (teevee) I was a frequent visitor to this block to deliver a roll of exposed film to the paper a half-block down.

NEVER an empty parking place. The whole area crowded with pedestrians, even near deadline of midnight.

I was really saddened to read the spot-on assessment Tom Claycomb linked to this morning.

But this was during Johnstown’s last hurrah, before the third flood.

I knew I had been accepted here as a working pro the night Jack Rhue took me to the upstairs bar at the Elk’s club across the corner and we sipped nectar as we waited for the big press to spit out my first front-page cutline.

“Bennett Vaughn Photo”… It still has a nice ring to it, even from the other end of the long plastic echo chamber.

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