This little story starts

on a rainy day in May, 1974

I kept all my negatives, but practically no notes or details. It might have been May First (Law Day) or Memorial Day... Regardless, it involved a parade and some speeches.

The guys in the local VFW and Legion units were always ready and able to participate in patriotic events.

Chris Carlington front left. Sonny Wojcik with the PA flag. Jim Keener front right. The guy with Old Glory looks familiar but I cannot come up with his name.

Both high schools and The Cambria Cadets could all be counted on to turn out in those days, and give it their all.

According to veteran Drum Corps fan Tim Longwill “It would have taken about a week for those busby hats to dry out.”

Not that I could high kick on a bet, but I would have been terrified to do it on that oil-slick street.

This is the shot that makes me think it was Law Day. I can almost smell the wet wool clothes and feel the “get done with the speeches” mood.

I am sure I grabbed a quotable sentence or two, even though I knew this shot would never make the paper.